Award Winning Photography
by Nickolas Nikolic

You have the choice of studio or on location for your portrait.

On-Location: I go out to the household or business.

In-Studio: You come to the studio.

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I use a philosophy of realism to regard what image to depict. Detail and shades of light reveal remembrance and survive us in the relationship with our surrounding circumstance. It is to that individualism that I point the lens.

In the detail of the image, your eye slides across to discover a new point of view. Each jagged edge proves unique to that person. I may choose from a number of qualities of light to display your form: a strongly directional light from the side raises the texture of the skin, for instance. Oppositely, the cloudy day or the softbox - even the umbrella softens ambient light into furrows, dampening creases. Strong light makes for a contrast that can be as subtle as the eye can manage; constantly vanishing and returning to attention.

Nickolas Nikolic is a digital artist from Milwaukee, WI USA.

Nick studied figurative work starting from age 15 at the Art Institute of Laguna Beach, California, then on to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (BFA 2004)

Nick has studied the photographic arts for 6 years of coursework, coupled with 6 years of anatomy, and over 20 years of experience in photography through the lens and in the darkroom. This makes for an artistic eye that blends science with meaning in approaching your story.

He has done figurative work in numerous media for clients ranging from TMJ4 to Semplice Harbor Architects. Most recently his work can be found in the arts journal Convergence and internationally he is published as a photojournalist with work credits found locally in the Midwest and as far as Ireland and South America; Nick has a keen eye for sentiment and quality.